“The way he lives his life has shown me Jesus in everything that he does.”

It was through Church on Main that I have come to know Ian. I have been fascinated by his strong faith and so I decided to get to know more about him and his walk with Christ.

Ian was born in Johannesburg but moved to Hilton, Kwa-Zulu Natal at the age of 12. He attended Grace College and now studies a BComm Accounting at UCT.

Ian stated that he had come to know the Lord at the age of 11. During one of the Sunday school’s, the preacher asked, “Who wants to know the Lord?” Ian laughed and said, “My heart started beating really quickly and I just felt that I wanted to ask the Holy Spirit into my life.”

“I think its cliché. Both my parents are Christian. They are radical in the way that they livd their lives.” Ian grew up in a Christian household and believes that his father has played a huge role in showing him Christ, stating, “The way he lives his life has shown me Jesus in everything that he does.”

I asked Ian which Bible verse is his favourite but he believes that it is difficult to pinpoint, as he has quite a few. However, one that really resonates with him is Proverbs 3 vs 5-6. “For a long time it explained who I was. It was my dad’s favourite verse too.”

Ian has been on various missions into rural areas to preach about the Gospel. His brother recently started a missionary project called Project 18. The brothers recently went on a mission to Mozambique, where they spent a week in Maputo and Shai Shai. They have also gone on missions in Pietermaritzburg and Durban.

I was inspired to see someone speak so passionately talk about God – a figure who plays such a pivotal role in Ian’s life. Ian firmly believes that there is always something amazing that God does everyday.

It was interesting to note how Ian claims that there has been a decline in teens committing themselves to God. “I think they’re very lukewarm in their faith.” Ian thinks that the main reason for this is because teenagers don’t want to stand out. Or if they do, they have difficulty in doing so.

However, there have been times when Ian has questioned his faith. “There have been tough times when it has been difficult to trust in God. Sometimes I try to do it in my own strength. But I know it’s wrong.”

The best way Ian can describe God to a non-believer is, “The most loving father figure that anyone could hope for.”

We spoke about our dreams and aspirations. Ian’s dream is to one day attend 1Nation1Day – the biggest mission to ever be held.

Our conversation then shifted to hobbies. Ian has a knack for adventurous activities. “I could easily do crazy things. I really wanna finish my paragliding course, go bungee jumping. Maybe learn to surf.”

In ending, Ian confidently told me that he is a magician. And I was fortunate enough to see one of his tricks. He definitely resorted my belief in magic.

– Wynberg, Cape Town



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