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  1. The cover photograph featured on my home page was obtained from pixabay. The user’s name is Unsplash.
  2. The post titled Zuma’s reshuffle causes a shuffle of feet to parliament featured photographs taken by Callyn Jones, a university student.
  3. The post titled The Adderly Street Flower Seller featured images of my own as well as photographs from Aimee te Riele;  Morana, T on Pixabay; and Christine, H on her blog titled The Daily Postcard.

-Sub-heading titled A brief history of the Adderly Street flower sellers: I obtained all the research to the history of the market from the following websites:

 (These are two blog posts).

 –Sub-heading titled Adderly Street today: I obtained all the research to Adderly Street today from the following website

*Note: This research was not done by me (Apart from interviewing Gairoe and writing her story. The images included are mine unless I have shown otherwise). Full credit must go to the website owners. Please ask permission before re-using.

4. The post titled Volunteer at DARG featured images of my own as well as photographs from Meghan Hawken.